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Interesting question, I'm interested to see more answers.

1. Ages Lola 7, Dexter 1.5 (years)

2. Sex Dexter male, Lola female

3. Breed Dexter GSD, Lola Maltese Pekingese mix

4. Dominant one Lola

5. Submissive one Dexter

6. Any aggression or fear Dexter: None Lola: Biggest fear: Thunderstorms, Aggression: Does not like some adult strangers (few, random, and not related to gender, but loves kids). She would usually move away physically, and I can tell that she does not want to be petted by that particular person, so I let them know. She does not like to be bothered by playful GSD puppies at times and I have seen her give Dexter the stare of death at times, which he understands.

7. How do you manage them
Good question. Due to the size difference, I want Lola to be dominant to a certain degree. I feel that they settle their differences pretty well by themselves without me intervening too much. They're always together and never crated, so whatever they/we've been doing works.
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