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Puppy growl,Adult growl and hey we got a problem growl??

As requested

I dealt with growling issues with my guy. When he first met company he made it clear that he was not a fan of people. Maybe it was fear? But it struck me that he was flat out not messing around! No barking no moving around just a cold hard stare and a low deep growl!

I did not know if he had any past bad experiences but something was off. A (low growl greeted out first guest I used a muzzle (fabric muzzle) and instituted a "No you can't touch way dog policy" after awhile no more muzzle, Ignored people and moved on crossed the street or stepped aside,if I spoke to someone he went behind me. Still no touch for a bit more time. Then when I could read him and knew what he looked like when he was calm, I finally allowed people to touch problem.

He learned what normal interactions look like. People safe dog, kid safe dog dog parks for the record.

Other time I heard will growl is when he protected me when I slipped on ice while protecting him! I heard that same growl but much much louder and this time I remember seeing his teeth!

Last dog (there were two) decided to pursue a different life choice! In seven years I have only heard "that" growl twice. If my guy growls he means business!

But..apparently he has a cat near his bowl grow also?? Cats drift near his bowl, I say "Rocky"
he stops goes back to eating, cats move on.

He is 99.9% cat proof never snapped at them, I think the cats do it on purpose. Kinda of the way it's been for seven years. I've deemed that growl as not being worth fixing.

He's in my sight, the cats are insight, He doesn't stare at them, he's just aware of them them when he eats.

That growl, I let go...because if no growl then what??

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