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1. Ages 8,7,5
2. Sex F, F(both spayed)M(intact)
3. BreedAll GSDs SLx and WL's
4. Dominant oneOnyx
5. Submissive oneKacie
6. Any aggression or fearOnyx is aggressive, not really fear based
7. How do you manage themOnyx keeps a ball in her mouth so she isn't biting Kacie during outdoor play time. Karlo gets the others ramped up and Onyx will redirect onto Kacie so I manage that all the time. As long as Kacie doesn't challenge Onyx, all is well, but now and then the posturing begins and I diffuse it. If I correct one of the females, the other will take that opportunity to show dominance. So I usually use my body, quiet voice and redirect...unless it is major, then I will show my momma bear and stop it then and there.
Kept by Onyx, Kacie Karlo and Gambit
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