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Default What are the dynamics of your pack at home?

For those that have 2 or more dogs, what are the dynamics between them?

1. Ages
2. Sex
3. Breed
4. Dominant one
5. Submissive one
6. Any aggression or fear
7. How do you manage them


1. 5yo & 3yo
2. female & male
3. both GSDs
4. 3yo male
5. 5yo female
6. I'm not sure if I would label this aggression or dominance but 3yo male can stop 5yo female from walking past him with a look and a growl, 5yo female stops, becomes still and bows her head
7. Try and treat each one the same, I don't give the 3yo male anything first because he is the dominant one, sometimes he gets things before her, sometimes she does. They both have the same rules.

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