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Originally Posted by kakarot View Post
First time was no big deal since he was a lot smaller.. now that he's grown a bunch in just 2 weeks, I was wondering if there's a proper way to hold him (until he's good to go with his vaccinations 100%, then he can just walk.)

I usually hold him.. kinda like a football.. with one hand under his chest/between his front legs. He was 7 pounds then and even at that weight, my arm got tired after 15-20 minutes. He's probably doubled in weight (I shall find out next week!) and I have to carry him in again when we take him to the clinic.. but he's so flippin' heavy and my weenie girl arms can't hold all that weight for that long, haha. Is there a proper way to hold him with BOTH of my arms instead of just one and.. how do you do it?
I don't know if there's a proper technique...
You could use a sling, and just use your back to carry him.

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