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If you feel compelled to give the pup kibble besides the raw...I have heard it is not good to mix the two...separate meals if you must.....

Blacksheps %'s sound good...I might up the organ to 10% but keeping no more than half of it liver....too much liver = runs, I believe....heart does not count as organ meat.... Organ meats such as spleen, brain, kidney, eyeballs, ovaries, testicles, liver (especially liver) or any other secreting organ should also be included.

If there is no bone in the blocks you can either find bones which are suitable for your puppy or just use bonemeal constituting 10% of the overall diet. I do not think it is imperative to ensure that the dog gets theses %s on a daily basis...more an overall blend during a time period.

The meat you described sounds just fine for your pup ask if there is anything else ground up in their product....bone, organ..etc.

Here's an excerpt from Billinghurst's thoughts

Weigh your dog to learn how much raw food to feed each day. The amounts of ingredients in raw food diets are based on weight. Dr. Ian Billinghurst, a veterinarian who advocates raw diets for dogs, suggests feeding amounts that equate to between 2 to 3 percent of a dog's body weight, or about 1/2 lb. of food per 25 lbs. (11.3 kg) of body weight. Puppies should be fed no more than 10 percent of their body weight or 2 to 3 percent of their ideal ADULT body weight. Remember that more active dogs will eat more than a lazy dog. Most raw feeders use this guide:
  • Approx. 80% muscle meat with fat
  • Approx. 10% Organs
  • Approx. 10% Raw meaty bones. (also give raw meaty bones as treats throughout the week).
  • Green tripe can make up 15% to 18% of overall diet.
  • Eggs – Once a week, preferably raw, the white and the yolk.
  • Feeding these proportions isn't required everyday, but instead can be balanced out throughout each month. Variety is the key.
Most dogs make an overnight switch: one night its kibble for dinner, the next day they have a Raw breakfast. You can do this too. Others need a fasting period of 1-2 days- never do this longer than one MEAL with puppies. Do not mix kibble and raw, as the time it takes to digest kibble is far longer than it takes to digest raw -sometimes resulting in a stomach upset. Canned organic 100% pumpkin is great to have on hand to regulate any digestive upsets.

Good luck, let us know how it goes !!

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