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Thanks for your posts and words of wisdom. I really appreciate it.

1. When she INAPPROPRIATELY 'I've her her vicious bark at strangers,' how are you correcting that.
I have her on leash and give her a tug and tell her to "quiet" which she does, then I tell her to sit and stay which she does.

2. I am not thinking she is "protecting" me ... I know that is not the case, and I also don't like that she does it. I have a feeling the previous owners did not socialize her at all, and played very rough with her, and once she got a bit bigger and harder to control and a little scary to them, they got rid of her. She is about 10 months old, I hope that isn't too late to socialize her.

3. How do I show her everyone is "wonderful" ... that is where I am clueless and it still has not been addressed in training. Our trainer seems to think this is just her personality. I want her to know people and know they are ok.

4. Yes, our trainer wants her on leash all the time in the house until she is about 14 months old and earns the privilege of being off leash. I work full time but walk her for about half hour to 45 mins after I get home, she runs around in the yard with her balls/toys and the kids go out and play with her for over an hour a day. We have a long tether in the house and play tug o war with her and teach her to search out various toys. Plus she has training once or twice a week for over an hour and group class once or twice a week, same amount of time, plus my son walks her during the day and plays with her outside.

I could not watch the videos you suggested, but I can tell you she does follow the sit/stay/come/quiet commands, I make her sit and wait for her food, in a group of 10 other dogs/owners, she sits, stays, doesn't bark or act up and can be in a "stay" and then run down the field to me while all others are watching. She is fine with handshakes.

I have had german shepherds before, my last one passed away at 13 but the others were very friendly and this was not an issue so it's all new to me and I'm just trying to figure her out ....
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