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Full run of the house when gone: how to know when to trust?

My two have calmed down...A LOT now, around the age of 4/5. Is this normal?

They have nearly full run of the house and no longer are crated at night or when I'm gone...can they regress?

I can honestly say it took Zeeva a good year to be fully potty trained and that was with inconsistency. Now sometimes in the middle of the night she'll tell me she needs to go to the bathroom by scratching the door (and I didn't train her that).

Maybe it was the big move and the new home? It's nice but I do worry when I'm gone that they might do something dangerous or regress with their potty training. Has anyone experienced this? Going from complete trust around the home regarding potty training and not doing anything dangerous/destructive to requiring crating again? Is it better to never trust them and crate or to sort of take a risk and let them have some freedom? How do you judge their capacity to handle freedom?
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