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Unhappy Bringing toy breed into home of 1.5 y/o GSD. Advice?

In several weeks, I will be picking up my new pet and bringing it home to meet the current furry residents. As of right now, our dogs consist of a 1.5 y/o GSD and a 2.5 y/o border collie and retriever mix (both females). They love to romp, wrestle, and chase each other around the home. Unfortunately, the owner of the mixed dog will be moving out and collie/retriever's spot will be replaced by my new MALE pomeranian puppy (aged approximately 2-3 months).

My concern lies with the GSD's ability to adapt to a gentler play-style in the presence of a much younger, smaller, and fragile breed. Will the pomeranian get bullied and terrorized by our too energetic and playful GSD? Does gender play a role in compatibility?

I'm probably overreacting, but I don't want my new puppy to get eaten alive during "playtime".

tl;dr -
Bringing 3 month pomeranian (male) home to meet 1.5 y/o GSD (female). Need advice to prevent dog-on-dog crime!
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