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She started showing signs in August 2012, we came home from vacation and the house/dog sitter we had checking in and taking her out said the house was a complete mess.
She became incontinent during our trip, and every time she would lay down she'd leak.
Needless to say our house was a mess.

We took her to the vet upon returning, and he sent us to a neurologist after trying a few antibiotics thinking it was some type of urinary tract infection.

Specialist saw her, and then pointed out how her rear nails were all worn completely down.
And sometimes how her legs would cross a bit in the rear. I guess I had never really noticed it but when she pointed it out it was definitely there. She did Xrays etc. and blood tests and finally ordered the special test for DM to go out which I believe she said goes to Indiana University or something similar. Little over a week later got back the news she was DM positive and there was nothing we can do. Dr. said keep her as active as much as possible to prevent further onset and gave her about 6 months of having a good life left. Where we'd then wind up wheel chairing her, or putting her to sleep.

I researched the **** out of the disease, since even the specialist admitted it's relatively "new" to them and there are still a lot of unknowns except they say it's not painful to the dog, and they feel it's genetic. We changed her diet to full raw diet, except for kibble in the morning (Orijen) so we could begin giving her vitamins as I read online.
She now gets Kibble with 4 squirts salmon oil, Missing Link (Vet Strength), Vitamin E 2000iu, Vitamin C, and Super B-Complex.

It's been 18 months now since she was brought in having issues walking, and incotinent.
About a month after I started the diet change, she stopped having incotinent issues. And she appears to have much more strength in her legs. She runs around the yard still daily like crazy. It's almost like she is a different dog.

Needless to say, Dr's don't always know everything. We're greatful for every additional day we get with her but also realize it could come back at any time.

Sorry for the long winded response, but I like sharing it. Often times it's not as nice of a story.
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