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Question Administering vaccines on a DM Diagnosed dog?

As the subject says, I am looking for people who have had a DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) diagnosed pup. And still continued to vaccinate as scheduled.

I have read many articles on this, especially the good ones from Dr. Clemmons who from what I have read is considered the expert on this. Mostly everything I have read is that DM is in a sense an auto-immune disease and that vaccinating with this diagnosis can hurt the dog and actually progress their disease further.

Some backstory:
I have an 8 year old GSD, that has been positively identified with DM and now the town is coming after me to get her re-vaccinated. So far my local vets (This is NJ) seem pretty clueless to this disease. I've requested a rabies vaccination exemption from them, but none of them will sign it.
I get the responses of "Well she looks good, I don't see how it would hurt".
This is the same specialist, that gave her a 6 month window of a "good" life back in 2012 and here it is almost 2 years later and my dog is still walking around thankfully. I attribute much of delaying the onset of the disease to following the suggestions made by Dr. Clemmons after helpful people on this site directed me to his articles 2 years ago. Needless to say, I would regret vaccinating her again if it made her worse. She is not even due until August, but apparently NJ law states in order to issue a dog license the rabies vac can't be due in the same year. And now the town has issued me a summons on not renewing her license.

Looking for any advice, suggestions, of anyone who may have information on this. Maybe you've gone through this situation previously, or know of a holistic vet in NJ that may be able to help me. I have reached out to Dr. Clemmons but so far been unable to get a response. Many of his articles were from 5-10 years ago so I am not sure if many of the research done back then has changed. Thank you!
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