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Just shooting from the hip...

"She turned the TV on and and the pup was laying on the floor on her side of the bed."

Was the pup able to access the crate if he wanted...door open?

If so, maybe the dog chose this place on the floor on her side of the bed as a preference over the crate?? Maybe the dog sensed your wife's ailing and chose to stay near exhibiting a bit of a protecting mentality??

Perhaps, the dog's vocalizations and odd behavior is simply saying he'd rather sleep on the floor on your wife's side of the bed?? All guesses of course.

Have you ever left the crate door open at night with the bedroom door closed and seen where he prefers to sleep?

I've never done the crate thing with any of my dogs so I cannot speak with any experience on the behavior my dog's have demonstrated with any commonality to yours in this particular regard.

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