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Interesting behavior last night. Thoughts?

I just thought I would get some thoughts on the behavior I experienced last evening. I think it was simply due to a break in routine.

Pup is 16 weeks to the day. He sleeps in a crate beside our bed. He usually squeaks a little until he gets comfortable, let's out a big grown and we don't hear anything else from him after that. No more than a couple of minute duration.

We have been trying to teach "go to bed" and he has been doing well. The past two nights when I have told him "go to bed" he came flying from the other side of the room, crated so fast he hit the back of the crate. I'm thinking we are on to something.

My wife has been sick with a sinus infection. Last night she got up and left the living room about 8:30pm and didn't say anything. Odd, I went back to the bedroom to check on her and she said she just needed to lay down, didn't feel well. She turned the TV on and and the pup was laying on the floor on her side of the bed. I finished up dishes, locked down the house, and joined her to watch tv at 9:00-9:30.

We usually go to bed around 10:00-10:30 and typically have to wake the pup up to go potty and go to bed. He crates on his own. Last night I crated him about 9:30 and he acted similar to the first couple of nights he was ever crated. Crying, almost howling. I let him settle, then got up and took him out even though he had been out 15-20 mins prior. "Maybe he has to poop?". He did a very little pee, wouldn't poop. Went back in and crated him again, same reaction from him. He finally settled in around 5-10 mins. I had to walk him to the crate, I didn't have to force him in but we wasn't volunteering this time.

I am curious to see how he acts tonight. I have been trying to think of anything that has changed other than last nights schedule and the only thing I can think of is we removed toys from the crate about 4 days ago. I have noticed some hassling but I don't think it's any form of anxiety. So I make sure I don't have anything covering the crates ventilation. Including this morning, he doesn't bolt out of the crate when I open it. I have to tell him to come before he exits. He also has a pad in the bottom of the crate but he doesn't bunch it up, I straighten it out once, maybe twice a week.

Sorry for the ramble. I was just trying to think of everything. Tonight should tell if he just had a bad night or something else is going on.

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