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How to get my dog to leave the cats alone...

So its been a LONG time since I posted Draven is now approaching 2 and close to 90 pounds ... far way from my profile pic

So we have 2 cats who basically haven't left the basement in 2 years.... other than when the dog is in the kennel outside.... I feel horrible about this especially because one of my cats is almost 13 years old and he has been one of my best "friends" for a long time and now its like I've tossed him to the side.

Draven sits at the top of the stairs and growls anytime the cats close and his prey drive is high and when the cats run he chases...

I thought about perhaps leashing Draven and dropping him beside me and putting a cat in a Crate about 6 feet away and everytime Draven homes in on the cat correct the behavior but I'm not sure if that will work ... and well the cats will go bonkers in the crate too...

Looking for opinions ...

Draven - GSD - 07/26/2012
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