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Diarrhea - round two!

Nonny has diarrhea again I took him almost two weeks ago for diarrhea and tapes. He's been on meds for giardia and a pill for the tapes. I had him on the rice/ground meat diet for a few days, then back to raw. He did fine for about a week, now suddenly it's back. I noticed he picked up and tried to eat a piece of poo outside twice! and I thought I got it away from him both times. Literally, fished it out of his mouth.

Last night, he was up at 12am, 4am, 5:30, 8am, .... Luckily he's kenneled at night and as much as I really wanted to sleep and as frustrated as I was to get up just ONE hour after I fell asleep, and each subsequent time, I'm glad he didn't soil his kennel. Good boy!

The only difference is that I switched him from raw after his stools became a bit loose again after they'd firmed back up from the r/gm diet. I gave him Pedigree canned chicken and rice mixed with a cheap brand that I don't recall the name of but didn't have corn listed as the first ingredient. My chi also eats raw and has no issues, always been healthy. He also had some of the canned/dry mix that Nonny had and he hasn't had any problems at all. I also gave Nonny some plain dry this morning thinking this might help, but if anything he's gotten worse. Mostly just stayed the same. He's had three 1/2 tsp doses of Imodium that haven't helped one bit. Well, they were a little firmer the last time, but like melty soft-serve. I'm sure it's not the food, my Chi has had all of the same foods as Nonny and has had no problems.

I'm afraid that what the vet gave for giardia isn't working. She gave me two things- one to give for five days and one for 10 or 14. Either way- he's back to diarrhea and way worse than it was before (round one, two weeks ago). Now it's cannoning out and gassy. The first round was mostly pudding-like and never watery; now it's watery. I've heard that this happens with raw sometimes at first and is nothing to worry about, but I'm worried. I can tell he doesn't feel well either. I know he needs to go back to the vet and I'll probably take him tomorrow. Don't worry, I won't let him suffer or deny him medical care. I would like to see if I can get this under control again before I have to have him tested for things. I can't afford that till next month. I feel so bad for him! I want to let him sleep with me tonight, but I'm scared he won't let me know he needs to go out and will just go on the floor I really feel bad for him that he's suffering.
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