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Poop eating off leash

Im having more and more trouble the older my gsd gets about poop eating. The problem is he isnt eating his own poop but instead other dogs and animals poops.He wont do it on leash but I live in an area where theyre are plenty of other dogs and I like to play ball in the feild. Its gotten so bad recently that he's been searching them all out there and even tries to eat it straight when.another dog is pooping.

Other then being disgusting it causes him to have diarrhea so I need him to stop. I'm pretty sure he doesnt have a deficiency in anything since he's on orijen and in good health.
Ive been thinking of maybe getting an e collar to help with this since I want to be able to enjoy off leash time. Do you think if used properly an ecollar would helpor should I try some other methods?
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