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Smile puppy biting

I know from your threads and personal experiences that gsd pups are little land sharks. I was looking for a good method to stop a gsd puppy from biting. I cam a cross a dog trainers youtube video on puppy biting. Her name is 'Kikopup'. She seems like she knows a lot about dogs and behavior and how to deal with them. But im not sure if her stop puppy biting method would work on a gsd pup as well? Could someone plz answer that for me? Also I noticed that a lot of you said that screaming "ouch" would work? I heard that that could just make the puppy want to bite you even more? So If someone could plz answer my 2 questions for me then that would be great
Your help is much appreciated!
And just in case You were all wondering why I need to know this, its because im going to be getting a gsd puppy in 2 weeks or so
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