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Question A good breeder?

Alright so we are currently looking for a good reputable breeder. Because in just 2 weeks we are hoping to have our new gsd pup So ive been skimming The internet for a good breeder for quite some time now. I have come across a few breeders but I wasn't sure if they were actually as good as they said they were. I have a hard time believing wat people tell me because of the last incident I had with a previous gsd breeder. Long story short, he lied a lot about his dogs and for some stupid reason I believed him just because he said he was a reputable breeder. So anyway I came across this one breeder who said a ton of good things about his/her dogs and sounded like he/her knew about the breed. Then we contacted them and we asked if they kept their dogs inside or outside and they said outside. And all the puppy pics were taken outside, so im asuming that the pups are kept outside too. Them when we told them that we didnt want a puppy from a breeder who keeps his dogs outside, he said the puppie scan become anything we want them to be (indoor or outdoor). I personally am definitely against keeping any breed of dog outside. So I guess what my question is ... Is this breeder a good breeder or a bad breeder? I feel like he/she is a backyard breeder but im checking with u guys just in case
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