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Picked my pup out today.

So I finally picked my pup. Can't wait for him to come home. He will be here the 13th pf March. He's a sable. It was out of him or his brother who was also a sable. The trainer recommended him instead because his brother was wayy more driven than he was. My wife and I got to spend some time with them, they were both moving around quite a bit, but the guy I didn't take was getting into trouble. He was biting any and everything, trying to pull the table cloth off of the table lol. He cried sooo much. For no reason just wanting attention maybe. The trainer said it would probably be best to go for the calmer one. Also we are getting our pup from T Floyd in new jersey in case anyone was wondering. He's a really good guy and great trainer. Well that's what's happening In my life. I have a few pics but they aren't great.
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