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Originally Posted by KathrynApril View Post
Awesome photos of the two of you! Very cool the senior/current photos too.
Thanks! I hadn't looked at those senior pictures in a while, so it was a lot of fun going back and comparing!

Originally Posted by Eiros View Post
Wow these pics are amazing! What a cool spot! PS his ears are cute! lol
Thank you! I have mixed feelings about "our" fields being converted into a park, but the bridge is a really nice spot for pictures. And LOL thanks, those ears are driving me crazy!! They're not great in the first place, but that morning he just didn't want to carry them well, plus he always loses fur on them in the winter and is only just recovering.

Originally Posted by misslesleedavis1 View Post
I think you have picked one of the best names in the world! most likely bc im a 90's baby and i love NIN lol!

best name ever award!!!

Also those are fantastic leggings, love them.
Thank you on both counts! His name is absolutely and completely NIN inspired, I was a big fan in high school and still think that Trent Reznor is a really cool dude. Funny thing is that I was never big on people name for dogs, but Trent just seems to fit my boy now.

And I like those leggings, too I hate wearing jeans and wear leggings almost exclusively, so I'm always buying fun looking leggings.

Originally Posted by cltyus View Post
Nice boy!
He is Can't believe he is 5 already.

Originally Posted by Sp00ks View Post
Very nice shots.

Originally Posted by Galathiel View Post
Look how broad his head has gotten! Great pictures both now and back then.
I didn't realize that was what was SO different, but yes! Wow!! That is so crazy. He still has a bit of a puppy face, so I can't even believe how young he looked 3 years ago. And thank you!

Originally Posted by Okie2 View Post
All the pictures are simply beautiful.....if I had to choose just one, it would be the picture of you two looking at each other.
Thanks! I really like that picture, too. Even when he's being a brat, he likes to look at me for approval

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