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Unleashed dogs

Husband and I have gotten so frustrated in the past about people, especially in parks, having their dogs off leash when the dog is not well trained to stay with the owner. No problem if the dog is truly voice trained, but most dogs are not. We have pretty much stopped walking our lab at all because he doesn't like other dogs (loves people) and every time some off leash dog would come running up to him and, even though our dog was on leash and controlled, it was a big problem. So, Loki doesn't get walks because other people don't control their dogs. Sad, but we compensate in other ways.

Fast forward now to Zeus. Zeus is an American bulldog mix, very nice dog, but dislikes other dogs. Zeus was in our local shelter for more than a year before some girls that live in an apartment fell in love with him and adopted him. Zeus is a lot of dog, so we hoped it would work out and it seemed it was, as the girls were committed. Last night one of them returned Zeus to the shelter (the other was too upset). Guess what their undoing was? Other tenants with unleashed dogs who would run up to Zeus. So now poor Zeus is back at the shelter, not because he wasn't well taken care of and controlled, but once again because other folks don't control their dogs. Sad. I wish every time someone takes their under trained dog off leash in public they would realize that it might be a big problem for someone else's dog. It's one thing if the dog stays within a few feet of his owner and immediately comes back to heel when asked, but a different thing for the dog to be running 50 yards ahead of the owner and greeting every person and dog he sees. Sorry for the long post. I am just so frustrated.
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