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Staatsmacht, Gildaf or Other MN, WI or IL Breeder?

I am looking to get a working line GSD in the near to intermediate term.

My past experience with GSDs:
I have owned three GSDs in the past: One American line that was as smart as a whip, a Czech long coat, working line GSD that loved to heard but that was about it for drive and a mix of a WG show and working line that was good, but had been abused a bit before I got her.

What I am looking for:
None of the 3 dogs I have owned could do protection or shutzhund work for various reasons. However, each was a very good pet and valued by our family in its own way. For my next dog, I want a dog that is capable of doing protection/IPO/schutzhund level work but is also not going to require me to run it for an hour each day. I'm a responsible and dedicated GSD owner, but between work and two children, I can't honestly say that I will be able to commit to extensive daily excercise (although I do live on 5 acres). Hopefully this makes sense and you don't all tell me to go get a golden retriever and a security system.

So here is the question:
I have interacted with Stefen from Staatsmacht and the owner and Gildaf and both have been very impressive and very generous with their time in answering my questions. Both are indisputably very good choices, but would you recommend one over the other in general given what I have said I am looking for? Or, would you recommend anyone else in the WI-IL-MN area in addition?

Very curious to hear your thoughts. Also, for extra credit, I live near Wausau, WI. If anyone knows of a club that exists nearby for training, I would love to hear about it.

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