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GSD's and indoor living space

Just added a second dog; my first dog is 60 lb gsd/husky mix and I recently adopted a 1 year old that is likely pb or close to pb gsd. He is 50lbs. I live in a roomy apartment. I am a business owner that is well managed so I don't need to be there daily. We are surrounded by parks and the dogs get plenty of exercise. When inside my apt. the dogs are napping on the floor. They seem 100 percent content with the size of my apartment. It irks me however when I get the comments on how cruel it is to keep such big dogs (saint Bernard's are big, my two barely tip the scale at a 100 lbs combined!) Cooped up in an apartment and how I need a backyard (right, because buying or leasing a single family home with a yard is just so cheap and easy- maybe I can get a farm with acres and acres) I sort of already know the answer here- seems a gsd would rather live in a shack with his people than alone on acres of lush forest. Just curious on others feedback
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