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Nice walk. Approached by a stray dog .

Okay so I went on a walk with Elios and everything was good.
But all of a sudden this rottie/healer mix just pops up out of no where!
He had a harness and choke chain on. No tags. He was wet .
And very dominant! Hackles raised, tail high. Very stick body language.
Me and Elios walk passed him quickly, and Elios doesn't bark or stare.
But the dog kept fallowing us trying to sniff elios. So Elios turns his head a little and growls.
Then turns around and growls and tells the dog to get the **** away. And the dog runs. Then comes back. And at this point I don't know what the **** happened but Elios went after him.
And I yell "Elios leave it!" And he stops right in his tracks.

He is so leash aggressive.
And I feel like we have gone backwards with training because of a stray.
It's frustrating.
I can't walk anywhere with havin issues!
This is the first issue in a while too. I had been training on
vest for the last couple weeks and he only barked at a few people near our home.
And now this :/
Why do you think he does this?
Because the leash?
Because he is scared?
Protecting me?
Or agression?
I dont think it's agression.. I think it's the fact he is on a little leash.
Because he plays with dogs and has play dates with my friends all the time.
What do you think?
Here is a picture of my boy.
And the stray I tried to take a picture of behind us

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