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Question How long does the "detox" last?

I just started feeding raw on Sunday 2/23/14. What lead me to this diet was skin and smell issues. I have done lots of research and want to thank everyone because this site has been VERY helpful in helping make my mind up to switch and helped me with HOW to feed raw effectively and properly. For the past 6+ months I've been dealing with different types of infections of my girls skin which all started when we moved from KY to FL so I'm thinking it's related since that's when we noticed the problem and didn't have the problem before but that's besides the fact I've done everything under the sun within my power to help her like switching foods, grain free, holistic, different shampoos, ACV rinse, supplements very frequent bathing all very trying and stressful all the while my boyfriend keeps telling me I'm not a vet take her to a vet. I love research and have done a lot and just knew they would want to put her on an antibiotic for infection and probably steroids but I had gotten rid of the infection for the time being when I took her. Finally after completely stressing myself out I took her to the vet and I'm told she has allergies the thing no dog mom wants to hear cause in my research I've found there's no cure just maybe to "control" them. Vet tells me to put her on Zyrtec and hope it works but when you have a 30% chance it will work I'm not very optimistic considering nothing else has worked, mind you I have helped her a lot but she still itches and has sores and black elephant skin and missing patches of fur so haven't helped enough. So surprise Zyrtec doesn't help I just decide I'm doing whatever it takes and do more research especially on here. So far in 4 days we have decreased poop size A LOT and never any runny poops (yet) hope it stays that way but she's never been sensitive to changing foods at all before either. She's shedding a lot more which I knew was probably going to happen, and she's already getting rid of her dark tough skin in one spot right above her tail where she's missing a patch of fur when brushing I saw flaky skin and sure enough she has fresh pink/fleshy skin color where yesterday it was dark elephant skin. I'm really looking forward to more improvements because I know she's uncomfortable and she can't go anymore than 1 week without a bath at the most cause the itching gets so much worse and she stinks so much worse as the week goes on by the weekend it's a must that she gets a bath for her and our sake and she hates to go in the bathroom or see me get the hose lol poor thing she looks so pathetic when she knows it's bath time but she feels better to afterwards. She's also got some new spots recently on either side of her tail that are like open oozing gooy sticky stinky sores that only get bigger and are oozing and stinking more and I'm really hoping those heal up real soon cause right now that's her main source of her itching. Very glad to see some improvements already in such a short time and look forward to more improvements soon! I was just curious as to others experiences of how long the "detox" lasts like the increased shedding and itching lasts? It's all worth it just looking for a little encouragement and personal experiences from others like I said I love research and learning new things and feedback from others qualifies! Sorry for the lengthy story I've never been one for a short story. Thanks for all the feedback ahead of time.
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