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I think that to expect a 6 month old pup to stand up to an adult dog is expecting too much. Your dog looks to you to protect him, he is too young to have the confidence to be fearless.

I also have some experience with Dalmatians and I think the film 101 Dalmatians has a lot to answer for! They are powerful dogs that can be aggressive without socialization, and a lot of owners get their sweet puppies without realizing this about the breed. I have had a male Dalmatian, he was friendly with people he knew, but he was a much more fearsome guard dog than the Doberman and the GSD I have now, and God help ANY dog that tried to take him on. My dal wore a muzzle when he was off the lead, partly because children who had seen the Disney films would run up to him and be all over him, he never bit one, but it made me nervous and I was not prepared to take any chances with him...Some parents out there need educating, but that's a whole different subject!

As for whether you did the right thing, I am thankful to have never been in your position, and it sounds as though you are lucky that neither you or either dog was hurt...

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