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GSD Attacked by Dalmatian

Got my 6 month old approaching 2 weeks now. I do realize that I've lost a lot of "time" in terms of socializing Rocky. I've been doing a lot of introductions to people, places, different surfaces, meeting dogs etc.

This is her baby photo from the breeder:

Yesterday, I saw a friendly look male adult Dalmatian, he was unleashed and seems to have just be let out of his house. I know Dalmatians to be a bit cooky, so we walked in their general direction.

I proceeded to encourage a friendly meet up, my leash was loose and I was very encouraging to both of them. The Dalmatian though did not have good intentions and proceeded to growl, I then tried to separate them, the Dalmatian then started to become dominant and started to attack, Rocky tried to fight back and show some teeth but just for a second or two, but afterwards he was on the ground surrendering.

I stepped in and Rocky started to hide behind me, I did my best CM impression and started to Pssst the dalmatian away. He lunged again and I kicked him off. He lunged again, so I had no choice but to take out my telescopic baton:

I was getting worked up now and told myself, if this guy lunges again, I swear a family is going to be in mourning for a dead pet dalmatian.

The Dalmatian then saw that I was going to go shaolin on it and started to back away. Rocky and I took 3-5 steps forward to show him who's boss and we walked away in "victory"

I wanted to consult the board and ask if I did the correct thing. Also I wanted to ask, my impression of GSDs were fearless, is mine just being a pup and I'm asking too much of it at this point. Is he going to be a "boss" eventually and let that Dalmatian know who's boss?

I guess my question is, is courage in the genes or can I develop it out of my Rocky.
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