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lol. I don't know what to say but I had to laugh.

From my limited experience: If he doesn't need to go, bring him back in and let him sleep inside? Atleast he doesnt need to poo or pee while he is sleeping. I remember ours used to sleep a lot which was a relief. Ours also didn't need to go that often, but when he did go it was usually after a meal. I let him have access to water till about 8 PM. He seemed to drink a lot. I just took him out when he was sniffing, you kind of get the sense that they need to pee. Maybe you can tether yours to you when he is awake? I wouldn't worry about going back on the training. If you are generally watchful, they are smart enough to figure it all out in a few days (and it seems as though yours already is.) If you catch him going in the house, you can just say uh uh and take him out right away.

Do check the feeding guidelines on the kibble. I learnt that every brand is different.
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