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Doesn't go potty after food water! Keep waiting? (moved)

König is 8 1/2 weeks. Im using the bell method to housebreak him. I read everywhere that puppies will go pee or poo 5-30minutes after eating or drinking water. Im beginning to call BS on this.

I'm controlling his food and water for the purpose of potty training. This is what I do:
-I give him food or water
-Play with him for about 5-10 minutes
-Put him in the crate. Wait an hour (was doing 20 minutes, then 30 minutes, then 40 minutes..but he wont go pee!)
-Take him out, engage him for about 5 minutes
-Take him to the door, ring the bell, treat, leash to the potty area and say "potty"
-My question starts here. When he actually has to go, he is beginning to know that this is his spot. So when he DOES have to go, he will go IMMEDIATELY. As soon as we get to his spot, its go time, he sniffs, then BAM goes potty.
-Now when he DOESN'T have to go, he goes to the potty area and tries to leave the potty area. I try not to tug on the leash just yet so instead I block him so he can't leave, then he just starts to whine and cry. I dont give in and keep blocking. Then he just lays down and doesnt potty. He'll even go to sleep right there in the potty area. Im worried he'll start associating the potty area with me trapping him there and not letting him leave, making it a negative place to be.
-Now EVERYWHERE I've read.. says to wait til he goes.. no matter what. Just keep waiting. But c'mon.. if hes laying down and going to sleep... Im pretty sure he doesn't need to go. I feel like everytime I take him to his potty area and he DOESN'T go.. im going backwards in training. As if its taking longer for him to associate the bell, and going outside with "I'm going potty"
-He also does NOT go poo after each meal. So far he has only gone twice a day. Once after breakfast, doesnt poo after lunch, then poos after dinner. I'm feeding him Nature's Domain. Half cup each serving.

So should I take him out in longer increments? I thought it would be BETTER to be CERTAIN he is going to pee or poo. I dont want to keep crating him but it's very tiring to have to follow him around the house 24/7 because he hasnt pooped or pee'd yet and I'm worried he might have an accident.. Which would just set back training even more.

Please! Suggestions, input, articles, links, comments, corrections, hints, tips, cheat codes, prayers, test answers. Anything!
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