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Dreaded Brushing, HELP!

My female five month german shepherd hates being brushed. Since she was 9 weeks old I started brushing her (First with a soft bristle brush.) Starting around 16 weeks she started freaking out and biting at the brush. I then just stopped brushing her altogether. I regret that I stopped because now when I brush, since her adult hair is in, she bite at the brush, tries to run away, and bark. She has gotten my hand on accident many times and catching my arms up. After about 30 minutes of having to fight with her, I stop brushing her and put the brushes on my desk. She processed to find the brushes and tries to chew them up. If I put them in a place where she can't reach she jumps and barks. She also hate it when I brush my own hair and brush my teeth. She starts to howl and growl at me. Other this is she has so far been great. I am really at a dead end I have no clue why she acts like this. I never brushed her in a mad state, I always stay calm . I have even tried giving her treats when she stops struggling. If any one can help! Please do!
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