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I always stick my hands in my dogs food bowls, I have done a really good job at making sure i can take anything away from them (not like i go around yanking things away) but if i ever needed to take something they were not supposed to have i can with no problems. I have also micro managed shilohs food problem (she was food aggressive with other dogs bad!) i put her in a crate for the first long while then i moved dexters food bowl closer and closer to the outside of the crate, and now well, she eats out of the crate beside Dexter no issues and she even shares the plate lickings with them. I also fixed the weird water thing she had going on by adding a third water bowl to the basement who knew one more water bowl was the trick.
Honestly though, i cant really say they would not take a chunk out of a random person for sticking their hands in their food, or removing something from their mouth. I also cant say i would trust either of the boys to tolerate a running screaming toddler, maybe shiloh because as i have said before she just adores and thinks people are king.
I also feel that i should beable to give my dog a hug or kiss anytime i want, and i do! sorry if i am off topic here im tired tonight.

We dont have running screaming toddlers all of the kids are over 10 and they are boys so most of the time they are not even interested in the dogs, infact we have to pay them to walk the dogs, the dogs were a novelty that wore off a long time ago and was replaced by call of duty black ops.

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