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generic question about personal space and biting

Here's our 16 month old Lady: she regularly gets picked up so that she stands on her back heels and held, she has her bones and favorite treats taken away mid-chew, she has 5 different people on a daily basis-4 of which are teens, coming and going, in her face, rubbing her paws and ears and tail(which she does NOT like), and one, 19 years old, has always straddled her and pretended like she was horse....not one time have we ever been scared or worried...but I have told them many, many times, that they have to protect HER...that if she is allowed to get in trouble and hurts someone, everything changes. When we go out, I often move away from people because she is so excited and I am afraid she will accidentally hurt someone. If someone approaches her I ask them to wait for a minute and the humans converse about how excited she is--so they are warned about how happy she will be to see them...I ultimately feel it's my job to protect her😎

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