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Since my husband does not like a lot of socialization when he's home (he gets a ton at work), it was difficult to social Molly to other people. She definitely loves that our immediate family and cats are in her face, and she licks back, but I'd never want to test her on another person. While we are at the vet, and the vet techs are listening to her heart at her level she will try to lick their face, she knows they like her. We also have a business neighbor that clearly loves all dogs and she will let him get in her face.

My neighbor has a very sweet, submissive female pitbull. This is her first dog. Since hers is so sweet, maybe she thought all were sweet and while on a walk by herself, she saw another pitbull and bent down to the dog's level to pet and say hello, I guess she was too close and the stranger pitbull bit her in the face, requiring and ER visit and plastic surgery 6 months later on her upper lip. Ever since her story I am apprehensive about getting too close to another dog's face, even if the owner says its very nice.

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