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Default Cancer, surgery, and epilepsy

Dakota most likely has cancer. I found a lump on his neck and it grew pretty fast. It is hard. We took him to the vet and they took a sample but it wasn't a definitive result.

So we are trying to decide if we should have the mass removed. However, he is just under 10 years old, has epilepsy (but has been seizure free for almost 4 years). The vet obviously can't tell us what to decide, and neither can you, but I do know that there are risks with his age and surgery,as well as him having seizures during the surgery from the anesthetic. However, the vet also told me that the chance for a seizure will be lowered after surgery, forever. That to me sounds wrong. I would think that after the anesthetic wore off the chance went back to normal.

So my questions:
  • Has anyone had a dog that had a cancerous mass removed and was cured?
  • Does anybody have experience with surgery on an epileptic dog or have any information about it?
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