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To Baxter.


I just got back from putting Baxter to sleep.

He was doing well; his ear problems were pretty much resolved along with the skin problems due to being on a Raw diet. I came up to visit my sister and her kids since they were in town. Baxter was off all morning and he started bumping into things and acting disoriented. Suddenly, he began bleeding from his nose. I took him to the vet and they gave him a cursory check, but the bleeding wouldn't stop and they couldn't figure out where it was coming from or why.

They got the bleeding stopped, but during the exam, they found tumors on his lungs. We were given the option of biopsy and the full cancer work up if needed, but we decided it was better for him to just not wake up from the sedation they used to get the X rays done. He was 16 and even with treatment, there was no guarantee for him to reach 17, so we let him cross the bridge in peace.

It was hard, but it was the best thing for him. I couldn't let him suffer anymore. I loved that dog to pieces and I hated the fact I didn't have longer to say goodbye.

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RIP Sebastian, Baby, Cheyenne, Baxter. Gone but never forgotten.

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