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Can anyone help out?

I have 9 month old that I'm having few issues with.

- When he was younger, he was nipping a lot. It looked like it was a "puppy stage" which later decreased significantly. He is still nipping though. Each time I try to pet him, he opens his mouth and bites me. Is this still normal behavior for a a dog that's 9 months already? I will start being strict about his nipping from now on. Any suggestions?

- Jumping on us. Nothing really works with this guy. I don't know what else I could possibly do. He is a lot bigger now, when he jumps, he can easily touch my throat area with his paws. It's just a matter of time before he'll take our eyes out. I tried turning around the second he does it, but he will just keep jumping on my back than which hurts. I tried sticking my knee out when he jumps, but he just jumps on my knee. I am loosing my patients and I having a feeling like he doesn't know that I don't want him to jump on me? How can I show him or have him understand that jumping on us is not OK. Is this a stage just like the nipping? Will this be over eventually or it wont be over until I train him? Any thoughts or suggestions?

- Last thing but not least, he will sit outside, for half the day or not even, play or do whatever he does, I barely ever see his scratching him self. The minute he come inside the house, he will scratch like crazy, it's annoying me. Why isn't he doing it outside but only inside?

We are loosing our minds with this guy. He is a good dog both when it comes to his temperament, personality but those few things are just driving us out of control and I do not have an idea how to deal with it.
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