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Poop Terrorism

The pup's been housebroken for a while -- I'm fanatical about her schedule and she does all her business outside. Except...

We had a guest last week and she did not take to him (despite being properly introduced), so we would put her in the yard, whenever he was out and about in the house. Sooo, three mornings in a row, Della pooped on the floor, right outside his door. Fortunately, I managed to clean it, before he stepped in it.

Also, her and the boyfriend are a bit jealous of each other, so yesterday, she somehow managed to open the doggy gate, made her way upstairs, and pooped in his shoes. Twice.

Why the heck is she doing it and how do I get her to stop? (I'm guessing it's out of spite, but if so, it's counterproductive, since I'm the one that ends up having to clean it

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