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Anxiety around other dogs

I think anxiety around other dogs is what I am seeing in my almost 2 year GSD. I think I know how to fix the issue from searching online but I am hoping to hear some good ways to implement it and correct the bad behavior.

After a long day at the Cowtown Marathon (my dog didn't run) we went to a dog friendly outdoor restaurant. Now it may be of his age but he was fine until other dogs showed up. Then he will consistently give out a high pitch bark and will whine. I've heard the best way to correct this is to ignore the bad behavior and not to try and calm him down.

I was thinking using a friends dog and not letting them meet until he calms down naturally, trying to repeat this until the problem goes away? Hopefully......

I guess the other issue is he is somewhat defensive aggressive. Some dogs on leash he is fine with and others he is not. I haven't tracked down what causes it yet and it is hard to find a pattern. At my friends house he has 5 huskies and while there he is in his place, but 1 on 1 with a strange dog and you just don't know how he feels about them but he always whines and barks like he wants to meet them.

He does have 2 other single dog friends he is always fine with.
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