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Master of Pee

Hey folks,

So my puppy who is around 3 months and weighs 18 pounds....
He cant hold his pee.
Now I understand he is small and the bladder cant hold it, but this is not the problem.

The thing is, The second I open the door of his crate he pees.
I have tried distracting him, not paying any attention, so he does not get excited but he pees the second the door opens.

I literally carry him down three flights of stairs and out side in my arms, so he does not pee on the floor, but now he just keeps peeing while he is in my arms.

It has come to the point, where I have to lightly squeeze his penis, just so he does not pee on me while I run downstairs and out the house.


On the other hand, he is pretty good about holding his pee, I take him out around 11 pm and he is fine until 9 am. I take him out at 7:30 am before I leave for work, so he can pee and poop.

The peeing right after coming out of the crate happens every time, if he is there for 5 mins or 8 hours. the second he is out he will pee. I understand accidents happen. however he has made a habit.
my question is on how to break his habit or make him hold 30 more seconds while I take him out.

Also when I am home I take him out every hour so he can relieve himself.
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