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WASH-State: neutered male, 5yo, gorgeous coated GSD

On the lookout for a loving home for 5 year old long-coat GSD. He is obedient, loyal, healthy, playful and very affectionate. He does well with other dogs (with the exception of dominant intact males) - but would prefer the company and attention of his humans. Can be weary of strange people and new introductions should be carefully managed. I took him in as a foster and fell in love. However, my 8 year old male GSD doesn't feel the same and has been making his opinion very clear. As devastating as it will be for me - I need to consider the mental and physical health and safety of both dogs and separate them. Re-home or long-term foster are both on the table. I will only see him go to a home that is better than what I can provide.

Please see photos and videos . . .


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