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Default :( Tyson - we are infected by Distemper

My almost 9 months old GSD Tyson has been infected with Distemper, He had fever and on and off diahreeha so we went to Vet Hospial, got him CDV checked and he came Strong Positive for it.

He is in antibotic for now, the doc says, he is strong positive and have no hope for him, we insisted to do more so he prescribed antibiotic and a syrup of some kind. IS IT TRUE?? yes, i did read all article i could find on CDV and it is fatal, but i also have read some article and miracles of pups surviving Parvo etc, so is there any chance for him??

Is CDV Ag test kit very accurate?? For the first time in my life i want a test to be wrong.

He is fully vaccinated, he was vaccinated by a reputable vet, i have his vaccination record. The Doc thinks the vaccine musst be fulty or bad, or the temprature it was kept must have been wrong. I checked the valididty date, the vaccine is not expired. The both vaccine must have been bad, talk about bad luck.

My wifey is cring in the kitchen, sis is in her room probably crying, tyson lays by my side sleeping and panting, i'm trying not to cry and feeling abd for myself.

Please, let me know if there has been a case a pup survived Distemper, i have search for it but couldn't find it. I also googled searched Distemper with for archived therads.

Attachhed are some pics of test, vaccine records.

He completed obedience and we were on process on getting him SAR trained, although we were not sure of it. We were not going to DP since 2 months?? There are no stray dogs around, the only dog he sees is my brother's TM, and he is negative on test.

He has been a big, huge part of our life, no one can think a day without him, i can barely type thse things here. The only reasson i am sharing here is there are people here who cares.

Secondly, please advise so other people's dog's do not get infected. We have 2 gsd, 3 boxers in neighbourhood.
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