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Unhappy Dog Scared & dont listen to me.

Hello, i have 2 German Shepherds, 1 is male and the another one is female, they are 7 to 8 months old. i have them for maybe 1 month. but they still scares of me. when i come to them after a long time, like 3 hours and longer. then come running to me especially the Male, he comes to me and lick my leg and smell it , when i try to touch him he sees my hand and he run away. and when i follow him he run from me, and sometimes he howl. and prepare for attack and he jumps over and over and run, but he dont attack me. and when i walk with my self, he start following me slowly, when i look at him he stops, and when i run he run behind me and when i stop he stops, and i tried to touch him much times he dont let me. but when me and my brother come and walk after him , and there is no place to Run away from, he just Surrender and we can touch him, and we can put the Rope on his neck thats okay but when i move and the rope on his neck , he jumps over, he dont wanna me to Pull him with rope. thats the male. so here the female . she's good, but she also scare , but not like the Male , she is friendly most than the male, and i can catch her easy, without attacking or prepare for attack or howling or barking, but she runs some times from me, but i can get her easy, and everyday i take her for a walk at the Street. and i can touch her easy and everyday, but when the male sees her with me, he bark to her and attack her, i dont know why. and i wanna train them like Sit Down or something like that, Like calling his\her name and response to me, the Male Name is Rockxie, and the female's name is Lassie, but Male is playful he likes to play but from far, like Throwing for him Ball. he catch it but he dont return it to me, and with A long rope he also plays, but he didnt like me to touch him or Go near him, he just run away .

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