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Aluminum Fence Height


I'm new to dog ownership and Ruger, my 2+ year old GSD, is my first dog. He's a great dog, but needs lots of outdoor activity.

I live in the bottom half of my house which is very small for me and Ruger, so I'd like him to run around outside in the side yard, in addition to the exercise walks we do twice a day.

The breeder described Ruger as "leggy" and he's pretty tall and weighs 90 lbs.

I'd like to install an metal aluminum fence around my yard. This particular fence would not have horizontal rails except at the very top and very bottom. It's what I think they call "2-rail". My neighbor has the exact same fence which is 48" from bottom rail to top rail, and about 54" from the ground to the top of the post.

This is the fence I'd like to have:

Is this high enough to keep Ruger contained unsupervised? I don't think he could climb it because there's no mid-height horizontal rails to get footing on. He'd have to do a running jump at it to clear it.

If this isn't high enough, what's a good height?

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