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Crate questions

Hi All,

I just have a couple of very quick questions. I've done a search but can't find anything in past threads.

Firstly, when you put your dog in a crate do you provide them with any water? If so how do you manage it so it's not knocked over? I ask this because I have often had the situation where I put puppy in the crate (which she loves) with a treat to chew on to do the school run and some errands. Then when I get back 2 hours (sometimes 3 later) the first things she does on being let out it bolt to her water bowl and drink and drink. I feel so guilty that I've left her thirsty but she has a cot mattress on the base of her bed so I couldn't put a bowl in there (and she'd end up digging in it anyway as she does with her one naughty!!) I'm wondering if I can some how fix something to the side of the cage??

Also, could you tell me honestly how long you think a puppy (mine is almost 6 months old) can be crated. I'm not thinking of leaving her for several hours or crate abuse here. It's just that hubby and I were recently going to a friend's house for lunch and we had a difference of opinion on this matter. I said I felt more comfortable enjoying ourselves and not having to rush home for the puppy if I know she's in her crate (my thinking being it's super hot outside and if she's in the crate inside she has the air-conditioning and also because I've noticed that she is just a lot happier when we get home if she's been in the crate than if outdoors). My husband though said he felt the opposite i.e. more comfortable not rushing home if she was outside (because then she has water, can go to the toilet and has shade). Just wondering what others did.

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