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Default How many is too many...

I'm a huge dog freak. I guess that's my passion and my hobby?

I'm up to three dogs now. And thinking of a fourth. I no longer crate any of my dogs at night anymore and most of the time they all sleep in the bed with me and the fiancÚ. Not always roomy haha

Border Collie 2 years old
GSD rescue 14-16 months old
GSD pup 9 months old

Where do we draw the line on how many is too many.

How many do you have? How many do you think is too many?

Me personally, my great grandparents were in the circus. Right hand up. Lol.

They had 15 dogs at one time. Dozens of chickens. 5 pigs. Countless snakes and boas. Haha

It was always a blast being over there.

I think 4 is a solid number for me.

Attached are my three.

How many is too many...-imageuploadedbypg-free1393376480.066079.jpg
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