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Training question

With previous dogs we always taught "stay". We could leave the gate open in the back yard or the front door open and give the "stay" command and never have a problem with the dog crossing the threshold. We could leave the gate open all day, or my wife could leave the front door open while unloading groceries from the car.

Now a decade later we are training a new pup. We are going through formal training for the first time ever. This is a new concept in training from what we have read through the "decades". Let's just call it new style of training. Our trainer has a really good balance of +P and -P in my opinion. However, she says there is no more "stay". You put them in a down, climb or sit and they should stay there until released or "Free". I get it, my wife is having a little more trouble with it. Not that she doesn't agree....

How do you teach them not to walk out the door or gate if you don't necessarily want them in a sit, down or climb but simply don't want them to bolt out if the door or gate is open? Should we teach "stay" anyway? How do you do this?

Our pup is doing so well. He graduated puppy class with flying colors, he is relatively well behaved for his age at 16 weeks this thursday. We are very proud of him and are trying to stay two steps ahead to ward off bad behavior. He does extremely well with a structured training session, he has trouble without his treats or over the top distractions/excitement. We are getting there but this is going to become a problem eventually and I'm just trying to get ahead of it.

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