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Originally Posted by JakodaCD OA View Post
I always have questioned whether I was putting any of my animals down to soon, what if I gave them one more day or a week? As time passes, I know I did it when I should have done it, tho I'd give anything for that extra day or week
I think many of us can relate to this exact intense feeling. 3 times I have dealt with the hardest of "goodbyes" and of the three I felt I erred on the side of waiting too long twice as I am a short term pessimist but a long term optimist ( if that makes any sense). The latest farewell had me feeling I might have acted too early. However, at the end of the saddened me all the same. You do what you must..not what you want...and you do it with 100% conviction...yes, seeking guidance from the professionals at the vet clinic and others in the know is certainly a part of the decision process but ultimately you, the steward of your loyal companion will make the proper one can or should make it for comes with the privilege/responsibility of having a dog. Yes, what I would have given for an extra day or week...ohhhhh...anything and everything....but one thing I would never give is one more day of me not wanting to say goodbye at the cost of one more day of my companion's misery and suffering. If you have been the proper provider throughout all your dog's life, I have no doubt you will provide properly at the end.

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