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Kenneling my GSD -- need feedback

You're going to think I'm a nut. And I am. We've had our GSD -- adopted from the military -- since May '13. So not a full year.

I travel here and there. And the plan is to go away for four nights and leave our dog in a daycare/kennel situation. It's small, family-owned and has devoted clientele that takes their dog regularly.

I've taken my dog five or six times to acclimate him. He's always very happy to get there. Jumps right out of the car and trots off w/ staff to "play with his friends" as the staff puts it. Five or so friendly dogs are in various yards and play. The staff gets to know the dogs and their personalities. Unfriendly dogs are kept on their own. The owners/staff seem very caring.

Also, the owner does her share of rescue and adopting out dogs.

Here's my problem: since we've only had our GSD for nine months now. . . I'm worried about leaving for four nights. I'm irritated at myself that I didn't give him one overnight -- that he has to start with four just sounds like a lot.

Because he comes from the military, I'm afraid he's going to think we abandoned him. My plan is take one of his blankets, a pillow, his puzzle bowl and a favorite toy. I'm hoping he knows we're coming back for him and his things.

I'm talking to my husband about reducing our trip to two nights. He's okay with it. He picked our dog up in Texas and is bonded.

Do you think we should reduce our trip to two nights? Our kids are mad about it, but I'm not sure it's right leaving him for four nights.

What do you think?

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