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Euthanizing too soon or too late?

I have two senior dogs now and I often wonder how I will know when it's time and if I will know. My timing has never been good. I had my old cat put down in November and it was so hard because she was still eating. Seems like the not eating is the classic sign, but her quality of life had gotten really poor, even though she still ate. I hear a lot about folks waiting too long. However, I often think people do it too soon, while the pet still has a chance for a good quality of life. I hear about pets being put down at the first sign of serious illness. Or because of problems that are just the normal aging process and not yet causing the dog too much trouble. Sometimes I think it's because we are so scared and want to get the hurt over with. So, I'm wondering, especially from the veterinary people out there, do you see more of too late or too soon? Or do most owners just "know?"
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