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What to do about Green Diarrhea?

My pup Fritz (4.5 months old) has green diarrhea. It started early yesterday morning and he has pooped 8-10 times since then. It ranges from soupy to soft formed loafs (sorry to be graphic). Other than pooping green diarrhea, he is fine. Eating, drinking, and playing like his normal high energy self (currently trying to catch a fly). Everytime he has gone, he has let us know he needs to go out, and hasn't gone anywhere he shouldn't, ie. his kennel or the rest of the house. He did vomit once right before the diarrhea started, but it was mostly grass and water. He had an appointment yesterday to get his 3rd round of DHPPV (we started him on shots as soon as we got him, bc we didn't know his history). When I told the vet about the diarrhea and one time vomit, he didn't seem worried. Basically said, keep him hydrated (no problem there) and if his energy level dropped or if he vomited again to come back in. That was over 24 hours ago and neither one of those things happened.

Not satisfied with doing nothing or wait it out, I looked up online and in my GSD for dummies for home remedies. Now I feel completely overwhelmed and have no idea what to do. There was feed the dog: 100% pumpkin puree; chicken & chicken broth; only pasta or rice; restrict all food/water for 12 hours, and many more suggestions . What should I do?

Thank you!
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